Taboo's Tips #StopSpammingR - Daily Boss Scrolls & Rewards

Taboo is back with another Taboo’s Tips, this time he will show you how to select your daily boss scroll and how to help yourself maximize the chance of getting that all important boss armor.

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Taboo's Tips #MagicBox

Taboo’s Tips is back again with a vital little trick that makes grinding at 53+ a lot more comfortable. The guide below outlines how you can save hours of back and forth between your grind spot and town by just spending 12 contribution points.

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Taboo's Tip #CombatSkillPoints

Holytaboo (also known in-game as Furystar & Lanthius) has been creating a series of videos detailing the various quests throughout Serendia/Balenos/Calpheon and Mediah that reward full combat skill points, which if like many of us you are in desperate need of then check out the series and give it a like if it helps:

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Pirate Island & The Happy Harmony

This story starts out like most, with three horses, a boat and a large black man with a pink afro… but this story is not like any other you’ve heard before – As the crew begun to get ready to board a run-down fishing vessel with sails similar to many a grandmothers table linen, and the wear and tear of many a grand child to accompany them, they ran into the first of many to come obstacles.

A petite blonde woman crouches aboard the vessel “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT HORSE ON MY BOAT!?” she exclaimed, “what’s your problem? Jolly is coming to visit Pirate island with us…” replied Endar, not seeing what the issue was as she thought to herself “How else am I carry all my phat lewt?”. Endar asked the young blonde woman, “Katoh, when are the others getting here? I’m getting tired of this waiting…” and just as the words left her lips a massive shadow eclipsed them both and there stood the giant known as Vigo the Stormsailor. You may think his name comes from his years of piracy during the Calpheon-Heidel war but no, his name has unfortunate origins in the many near-drownings he has suffered throughout his life thus far.

The crew were nearly ready to set sail and were awaiting the last passenger, Furystar – a young tamer known for her aggressive wolf and bad dueling etiquette.

Soon thereafter Furystar boarded the converted fishing boat, which now acted as a ‘phat lewt ferry’ for this short trip across the ocean to the Pirate Islands otherwise known as Kuit Islands. As the ocean sloshed and splashed across Jolly the horse’s golden mane, they spotted a lone fisherman on the horizon and well, the crew did what they do best … kill the meek and mild, pirate costumed adorned so it was the only natural course of action. One fisherman, two fisherman and even a kidnapping and casual body dumping – very scorcese.

A short time later they approached the wreckage filled reef that surrounded the Node Manager of Kuit Islands, an unusual Robin Hood-esque woman who, they could only assume was plagued with consumption of anything Morgan Spiced. She traded any drop of rum for flags, eye-patches and bandannas, Endar noted that her skin was dry, and the veins surrounding her nose were starting to darken and become varicose due to her ‘affliction’.

Furystar stormed the beach first, Heilang bounding towards the wooden staked pirate fortress that laid just a hundred or so yards from the dilapidated dock. The roars grew louder as Heilang pounced with the full force of his black spirit power “GATHER MORE OF THEM, WE HAVE TO PUSH FORWARD!” shrieked Furystar, “be careful… they aren’t to be messed with” Katoh said softly with a hint of cautioun. As the fighting raged on, pirates blood stained the beach and ripped shreds of linen littered the planks of the fortification.

The tired party wondered further into the fortress and remarked at how this might be worthwhile to revisit in the future once they had properly prepared. This is the moment their world came crashing back to reality, within just a few words the mood turned sour and they knew the night was over and the fun was forcibly stopped.

Spot. Taken. They had no recourse, they knew the names well it was <Harmony> a stronger outfit and with a bitter taste of defeat, it was time to go back to Veila and retire to fight another night.