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Guild Info

Post#1 » Wed May 25, 2016 6:33 am

Voice Comms:

Please try to be as active as possible on, it's there so we can form a community and have more fun as a guild - so at the very least we expect you to be there during Guild Quests / Scroll Bosses and any PvP.


In-game Home Channel

We are based on Serendia J2 - please make sure that you spend the majority of your playing time on this channel so you can help with any guild-related problems/activities.

Officers & Points of Contact

For any problems/issues/questions please speak to any of the officers in-game or pm directly on here:

Kentorai (Andomar) / Endar (Asondra) / Akkikaze (Odayaka) / Furystar (Taboo)

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