Preperation for Valencia:

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Preperation for Valencia:

Post#1 » Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:29 pm

Preperation for Valencia:

This is aimed more at our 55's but anyone can read this to know what they will need to do once we get valencia.

First important thing is there is a questline to get 2 7AP rings.Basically a PRI:MoS ( 30million )

The start quest is this:
This is the first quest that gives the ring:

The start quest to get the second ring:
This is the second quest that gives the ring:

Stack up on sharp and hard black crystal shards. get as many as you can. YOu have 5 million silver spare? Buy a sharp crystal shard... You have 2 hours free? Grind sausans to buy a sharp crystal shard... Why? Because when Valencia comes out they will be sold out 24/7. They are the only way to get you gear above +15 and the gap between +15 and +20 is insane. So you need to do anything you can to help yourself get infront of the curve

Recipes for making concentrated blackstones:

Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) = Hard Black Crystal Shard x1 + Black Stone (Armor) x2
Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) = Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1 + Black Stone (Weapon) x2

And for enchanting you can purchase Cron Stones for 1'000'000 silver from a blacksmith to prevent your item from loosing an enchant when going 17+

When grinding in Valencia you will need to carry Purified water with you to drink when your character has a heatstroke and Anise Tea to drink during the night to prevent hypothermia.

You will also need to carry a tent when grinding in Valencia in case a sandstorm starts. There are random weather events and deal alot of damage if you are exposed to it. You can buy tents from stablehands in Valencia and Altinova city

Since Valencia is a desert and not a normal forest enviroment that we have right now, you will need to use camels when traveling in the desert, since horses will be extremely slow there.
To obtain a camel you will need a level 26+ horse. You can then exchange this horse for Imperial Taming Seals at certain Stable Masters, 5 Imperial Taming Seals are required to purchase a Camel mount at a Stable Master in any town in Valencia.

Max pet limit increased to 4. New Fox pet added. If you can, buy the fox pet once Valencia comes out. What the fox does is prevent you from getting heatstrokes and hypothermia while in the desert

Get to know where to grind and grind asap before these areas become Sausans 2.0.
( I will be going on the korean version of the game and go to these areas to see the rotations and possible secret spots and provide all this inf oto the guild )

Crescent Moon Temple - Possibly 55-57 ... escent.png

Titium Valley - Possibly 57-60 ... 5/Titi.png

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